April updates: Auto categorize expenses, comments, auto hide settled expenses, jump to friend

By Bradley Bernard · Apr 15th, 2024 · 2 min read

April quality of life improvements

SplitMyExpenses continues to get better, week over week, by adding new features and improving existing ones, and squashing bugs. This month, we're excited to announce a bunch of new features that will make managing your expenses even easier.

  • Auto categorize expenses
  • Comments
  • Auto hide settled expenses
  • Jump to friend/group

Auto categorize expenses based on description

Simply type in your expense as you normally would, and we will try our hardest to guess what category it belongs to. There is a mapping for English descriptions that cover a wide range of categories. If we can't guess the category, you can always manually select the category.


  • Costco -> Groceries
  • Shirt -> Clothing
  • Chevron -> Gas
  • ... and 1,000s more

Auto categorize


Expense splitting is sometimes complicated, as we all know. To handle the complexity SplitMyExpenses provides tools to get stuff done, but sometimes there is more to say about an expense split. Now you and others can comment on an expense or payment to provide more context or ask questions.

Simply open an expense or payment, and you will see a comment box at the bottom. Type your comment and hit enter to save it. You can delete your comments at any time.

Expense comments

Auto hide settled up expenses

Seeing less is sometimes better. Now expenses which are settled up will be automatically hidden from the main view. You can always see them by clicking on the "Show settled up expenses" button.

Hide settled expenses

Jump to friend or group

The top search bar now has a purpose! You can type in a friend's name or a group name to quickly jump to their page. This is especially useful when you have a lot of friends or groups.

Jump to friend


All of theses features are available now! We hope you enjoy them and that they make managing your expenses even easier. Communication, UI clarity, organization, and automation are key to making SplitMyExpenses the best expense splitting app out there.

If you have any questions, or you need some help, please reach out to us: support@splitmyexpenses.com.

Bradley Bernard
By Bradley Bernard

Creator of SplitMyExpenses.com