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Charge your friends on

    • Venmo
    • CashApp
    • PayPal
    • Zelle

Powerful tools to own your expenses.

Everyone has their own approach to manage spending, we make it effortless.

Go directly to Venmo with the prefilled target user, charge amount, and description to enable one tap payment requests.

Simplify your split workflow today.

It's the little details that matter, so we wanted to highlight our favorite features that save you time and help you get paid quicker.

Charge history

See who you charged, when, how much, and expense date ranges.

Can't remember the last time you charged for expenses? You can pick back up right where you left off last time, without any mental burden by leveraging the charge history.

Charge review

Share the link with your friend so they can double check.

Enable the charge share link, then share with your friend to get feedback on adjustments. More transparency = faster payments. Link auto expires with password protection.

Elegant charts

Track and chart your effective spending over time.

As you split your expenses, we will keep track of your effective spending amount, showing what you've paid compared to friends.

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See what some of our awesome customers say about our product. If you aren't convinced yet, this might help.

    • The best part about SplitMyExpenses is the amount of time it takes me split a month's worth of transactions, lifesaver.

      Dario Heller
      Favorite feature: Robust splits
    • Receipts have consistently been painful for me to split accurately. Happy to see that SplitMyExpenses supports and handles receipts with grace. I wish this was out sooner!

      Maya Mayer
      Favorite feature: Splitting receipts
    • After using many services to split bills with my friends, I was told about SplitMyExpenses and after one run through with it, I knew it was what I was looking for. I can't recommend it more to my friends... it just makes sense!

      Rubie Hyatt
      Favorite feature: Review charge
    • A fresh new way to split bills with a really nice, modern UI. I can get my work done quickly and move on. Cheap given all the useful features!

      Michael Crona
      Favorite feature: User interface
    • I used to dread splitting bills. I have many financial accounts, so importing transactions is a game changer. SplitMyExpenses does everything you need, without bloat.

      Camilla Fritsch
      Favorite feature: Importing expenses
    • Time is money and SplitMyExpenses saves me time AND helps me get paid quicker. You really can't beat that. Happy to have found this!

      Abagail Jacobs
      Favorite feature: Charge history

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Free forever. Powerful tools and features.


  • Create up to 10 friends
  • Import expenses up to 1 month old
  • Unlimited charges, expenses, and splits
  • Secure charge link sharing
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Unlock more. Increase limits and features.


  • Create up to 25 friends
  • Import expenses up to 3 months old
  • Unlimited charges, expenses, and splits
  • Secure charge link sharing
  • Higher priority expense upload processing
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Become limitless. Best for power users.


  • Unlimited friends and expense imports
  • Unlimited charges, expenses, and splits
  • Secure charge link sharing
  • Priority customer support
  • Highest priority expense upload processing
  • Link your financial accounts for automatic expense imports
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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, please reach out to our Support.

    • Can I link my financial accounts like Mint?

      Yep! We support importing expenses through file upload (CSV, Excel, TXT) as well as through bank or credit card logins powered by Stripe!

    • Can I edit my expenses after import?

      Absolutely! The import process gets your relevant data to us, but you are free to change anything you'd like: amount, description, date, etc.

    • Can I delete my account and data?

      We believe in users owning their data. You may delete your account at any time you please. No traces will be left behind!

    • Why do some friends owe one cent more on an Equal split?

      We use the Money Pattern, created by Martin Fowler, to split expenses exactly even. This means you will get paid exactly what you are owed, fair and square. Some transactions do not divide evenly, so from start to end, each friend will get one more additional cent depending on remainder.

    • Can I choose which friends owe this extra cent?

      The algorithm is explicit and repeatable. If you want other friends to get the extra cent, feel free to put them at the beginning of the splits list.

    • How do I charge friends outside of the supported cash apps?

      We try our best to integrate with the top peer to peer payment services as they are the most requested. However if you want to charge your friend on another service, create a placeholder for their username and split against that, then mark as charged manually.

    • Will the free plan always be free?

      We want our users to experience everything before they buy, so our free plan is remaining free forever! Come try it out. Our free tier is generous and allows you to get things done without unreasonable restrictions.