Simplify shared expenses with friends

Ditch spreadsheets and guesswork

Create a group and split bills in seconds. Turn tedious calculations into simple, quick actions. Track who owes who, and settle up with integrated payment apps. Recurring expenses, activity log, spending charts, and more!

  • Over 150 currencies supported

  • No limits on expenses

  • Secure, fast, and private: no selling your data

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Trusted by thousands

“Your product is really well designed and intuitive to use. I've been using it for months now and I keep noticing new features, thank you!”

Sarah Alexander

“Thanks for making this website, I completely am hooked now. Perfect! Bye bye Splitwise! Thank you, really, it is a lifesaver!”

Susanna Banko

“Loving the app so far. Making the switch over from Splitwise... I had heard about your app on Reddit. So far it's met all my needs!”

Terrence Snape

“I just started to use your beautiful app and I love it so far. Incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Thank you!”

Lauren Doyle

“I appreciate your commitment to high quality but accessible budgeting tools and software. I found you from your comments on Reddit and I really appreciate it.”

Bryce Pong

“My only feedback for now is that UX of your app is way better compared to Splitwise, appreciate your work man!”

Martin Moroka

Split bills faster

Modern design

Add shared expenses with clarity and control: keyboard shortcuts, expansive split types, custom paid amount, AI powered features, customization, and more.

Variety of split types
No matter the bill, you can split equally, by amount, percentage, shares, adjustments, or by itemization.
AI receipt itemization
Upload a photo of your receipt and we will automatically itemize your receipt items so you can split per item.
Friend data powered by payment apps
You can add or invite friends from payment apps. We will fetch their profile photo and name from the payment app.
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Understand your spending

Beautiful charts

  • Spend per category in groups and with friends

  • Visualize debts (simplified and original)

  • Robust date, currency, and member filters

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App screenshot
Integrated with payment apps
Settle up with friends on supported payment apps to be brought directly to the charge or pay screen.
Link your credit cards
Daily expense fetching by linking your credit cards and bank accounts. Securely handled by our payment processor.
Minimize payments in groups
Debts are automatically, intelligently shuffled to minimize the number of payments needed to settle up in groups.

AI powered

Receipt scanning

Upload a photo of your receipt and we will automatically itemize your receipt items, so you can split per item, multi-currency included!

Take the stress out of bill splitting.

Join the revolution today! Get your time, money, and sanity back. The modern take on the age-old problem of splitting bills.


Upgrade to save time

Find the best plan for your expected usage. No hidden fees and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Everything you need, free forever.


  • Add expenses, split, settle up
  • Import expenses up to 1 month old
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Most popular

AI receipts & link one credit card/bank account.


  • Add expenses, split, settle up
  • Import expenses up to 3 months old
  • AI receipt itemization: 5 per month
  • Link one card or bank account for daily auto expense imports
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Link all of your credit cards and bank accounts.


  • Add expenses, split, settle up
  • Import expenses with no date limits
  • AI receipt itemization: unlimited
  • Link all your cards and bank accounts for daily auto expense imports
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Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Are there limits on number of friends or groups?
Nope! You can organize your expenses however you like. We do not limit the number of friends or groups you can create.
How can I invite my friends?
You can create a group, share the unique group invite link, and friends can register to the platform to get started immediately.
Can I integrate with
You can link your bank account and credit card securely (like Mint does) or you can import expenses through file upload (CSV, Excel, TXT).
Can I edit my expenses after import?
Absolutely! The import process gets your bills to us, but you are free to change anything you'd like after import, such as: amount, description, date, etc.
Can I delete my account and data?
We believe in users owning their data. You may delete your account at any time you please. No strings attached!
Why do some friends owe one cent more on an Equal split?
Some expenses do not divide evenly, so from start to end, each friend will get one more additional cent depending on the remainder.
Can I choose which friends owe this extra cent?
The algorithm is explicit and repeatable. If you want other friends to get the extra cent, feel free to put them at the beginning of the splits list.
What are the supported payment apps?
We support: Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle. We are continuously adding more payment apps to our list, if you have a request, please reach out to us!
Will the core product always be free?
Yep! The core product of bill splitting and settling up will always be free! We offer premium plans speed up your workflows to save you precious time.